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Looking back on the 2010 Season


Ten thousand brown trout were stocked in the 2010 fishing season averaging between 11ozs and 15ozs almost 3½ tonnes in total weight.


Stockings took place on 31st March, 13th April, 28th April, 15th June and the 30th July.

The average weight stocked in 2010 was much lower at 12¼ ozs.  The normal average would be in the region of 1lb – 1¼lbs.  The reason for this was because of the severe winter conditions and much lower water temperatures resulting in poorer growth over the winter months. The first two deliveries of fish were five weeks behind schedule and 23% lighter in weight!!

Loch Earn in season 2010 experienced its lowest water temperatures in twenty six years with the opening day temperature on the 15th March only 2½C (normally this would be 5C).  This is why the season took such a long time to get going as many of  you will be aware.  At one point the temperature of Loch Earn was eight weeks behind the norm.  According to the Met Office this winter has been the coldest since records began over 100 years ago so I would suspect it could be another slow start to the new fishing season.


From the information returned by one associate member season ticket holder, a new record was achieved during 2010 with an average of 11.2 fish per visit.  For comparison the previous eight years averages are as follows:-  9.0 fish per visit in 2009, 7.5 fish per visit in 2008, 8.5 fish per visit in 2007, 5.7 fish in 2006, 4.8 fish in 2005, 3.2 fish in 2004 and 3.0 fish in 2003 and 2.4 fish in 2002.


Catch Returns Fishing Season 2010 


Thank you to David Cleland from Camelon who was the only angler who could be bothered to fill in his return form and so this years recipient of 10yr old Glenturret whisky goes to David Congratulations!!   David as a season ticket holder you averaged just over 21 days fishing during season 2010.  This would result in a saving to you of £74 had you bought daily tickets.



Please remember when sending in your returns to include your name and address on the form, just in case you are a winner!! 


Catch  return numbers this season were the lowest ever recorded 0.6% compared to 3.7% in 2009,  6.4% in 2008, 6.7% in 2007, 3.9% in 2006, 4.9% in 2005, 8.4% in 2004, 9.3% in 2003 and 11% in 2002.


Please try to spend a few minutes after each trip and log in what you have taken and also returned.


The format of the return form now allows you to enter the number and weight of each species of fish killed and also to enter the number, species and approximate weight of fish returned, as well as what they were taken on.  This will give us more meaningful data as quite a number of anglers return all their fish, whilst others keep one or two and return the remainder and some will take their limit and return none.


The information you supply is important, so please as many returns back before 31st October 2011 and you will be entered into our prize draw.


This years information represented 21 days fishing effort where a total of 236 fish were landed giving an average catch per visit of 11.23 fish  compared to 9.04 fish in 2009, 7.5 fish in 2008, 8.5 fish in 2007, 5.7 fish for 2006, 4.8fish for 2005, 3.19 fish for 2004, 2.99 fish in 2003 and 2.4 fish for 2002.


By species, 198 brown trout and 38 rainbow trout made up the total numbers taken.

The total weight caught was 100 lbs 8ozs giving an average of  6.6ozs.


All the fish were returned to the loch including a 6½lbs brown trout taken from the south shore near to the Ardvorlich gatehouse on March 18th.  All these fish were taken on bait, mainly maggot and from the average weight it would suggest that the majority of these fish were wild brownies.


Heaviest rainbow reported in season 2010 was a 4lbs 2ozs specimen taken by Bobby Snodgrass from Wishaw out in a Drummond Estate boat  in Ardveich Bay on the 24th September and was taken on maggot in 10-12feet of water.


A rainbow of 7lbs taken on a worm was reported by Season Ticket holder Adrian Reyneke from Falkirk out in his own boat on an overnight session in Ardveich Bay in August. (Unfortunately no picture)

 Heaviest brown trout reported in season 2010 was a 22½lbs fish taken by Robert Cunningham from Renfrew out in his own boat on the 17th April.  The huge trout took a 5” orange Kynoch Killer just as the boat passed the mouth of the Beich Burn about 50 yards from the shore .  After a 15 minute tussle the fish was weighed, photographed and gently returned to Loch Earn none the worse for the experience.


Anglers reported good numbers of char being taken throughout the season with some up to a pound in weight.  However nobody produced any photos of anything exceptional.


These fish and other catches are available to view on our website


If you do catch a decent fish or a nice basket of fish or something unusual let us know and we will put your pictures into the gallery on our website along with details of weights, numbers, how you caught your fish and where about.


Drummond Estate Boat Hire


The boat hire cabin stocks a range of fishing tackle including rods for sale/ hire, bait and daily/weekly fishing permits.  There is also a hot drinks machine.  Seasoned firewood logs and coal are available to buy for those colder days/evenings or when the midges are on the go!! 

The slipway built in 2004 has proved very popular with boat owners and provides a sheltered launching facility for both pleasure and fishing vessels.



Slipway Charges :

Daily Launch ( fishing boats/small craft < 10hp engines )          - £9

Daily Launch **( larger craft/cruisers ski boats > 10hp engines - £15

**Insurance required for these categories

Personal Watercraft not permitted. (jet skis / jet bikes)


 Season Launch (Fishing boats / small craft + light capacity outboards)  : £115

 Season Launch ( Larger craft, ski boats + high capacity outboards )     : £145

                              (Season 15th March to 6th October  inclusive) 


Season Launch (15th March to 6th October) + Storage at Drummond Fish Farm ( 15th March 2011 to 6th October 2011)                                                     £200

Season Launch (15th March to 6th October) + Storage at Drummond Fish Farm (15th March 2011 to 14th March 2012)                                                        £350



Ardveich Bay Caravan Park (Certified Location)


 A new certified location caravan park was opened at Ardveich Bay in July 2007.  

This is available to Caravan Club members only and is restricted to a maximum of five vans. The site is for recreational and short stay use only.



Charges include the use of electrical hookups and the toilet and shower facility. 

Up to 2 persons        - £14 per night

 Additional Adults     - £2 per night

Additional Children  - £1 per night

Boats                         - £1 per night


Demand for pitches during season 2010 was very strong.  This is likely to increase further this season as many more people decide to holiday at home.  A good number of bookings have already been taken for the 2011 season so the advice is to book as early as possible to secure a pitch.


Other News


Thirty five new and updated information signs have been put around the lochside to let visitors know where they can buy daily and weekly fishing permits.


Drummond Estates will be purchasing three new boats and outboard engines in 2011 as part of the continuing replacement programme of its fleet of hire boats and engines.  During 2010/ 2011 three ex hire boats will become available for sale.  Please note these boats will not  be supplied with a trailer.  If you wish to register an interest please telephone 01567 830400


Daily / Weekly Permits are available from the Village Shop, Post Office and Drummond Estate Boat Hire in Lochearnhead and Village Store and South Loch Earn Caravan Park in St. Fillans.



The restocking programme will start again at the beginning of March and the first two stockings will see about 4,000 browns at about 1¼ lbs put into Loch Earn.


Wishing you all an enjoyable and successful season in 2011.


Yours sincerely,



Alex. Murray

For Loch Earn Fishings.


Permit Charges 2011

Permit Charges for the 2011 fishing season are as follows:


Adult daily  : £ 9              Adult Weekly : £25

Junior daily : £ 4.50p       Junior Weekly: £12.50p

(16yrs. & under )


These tickets are widely available at shops, post offices, and caravan parks in St. Fillans and Lochearnhead.


Associate Membership Season Tickets : Adult : £115,  Junior : £40

These permits are only available from Loch Earn Fishings, Drummond Estate Office, Muthill, Crieff, Perthshire PH5 2AA.  Telephone 01764 681257.  A passport sized photograph is also required.

 It is preferable that you send in a cheque made payable to Lochearn Fishings.  However if a cash payment is made, we may not be able to deal with this on demand and would ask that you attach the correct amount to your completed application form and hand it in to the Estate Office.  You will be given a receipt and your permit will be forwarded to you within a day or two.  This also applies to applications for launching permits.  As you can appreciate, there is a lot of paperwork involved over this season and we would be grateful for your co-operation.


Boat Hire Charges 2011


4hr hire - £27(minimum charge)

6hr hire - £32

8hr hire - £37


Loch Earn Moorings


Loch Earn Moorings for the 2011 season are available at St. Fillans in the lee of  Neish Island.


For season 2011 we are offering a 10% discount on mooring charges for any angler taking out an Associate Membership Season Ticket.


 Mooring Charges for 2011 

Boats fifteen feet and under in length - £225

Boats in excess of fifteen foot in length - £281 



Please contact the Estate Office, Muthill, Perthshire PH5 2AA – Tel 01764 681257 or Drummond Estate Boat Hire, Lochearnhead, Stirlingshire FK19 8PZ – Tel 01567 830400 for further details.