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Looking back on the 2015 season



Ten thousand brown trout were stocked in the 2015 fishing season averaging between 16ozs and 32ozs almost 6 tonnes in total weight.

 Stockings took place on 4th March, 11th March, 15th April, 24th June and the 17th July.

 The average weight stocked in 2015 was 1lb 5ozs.     

 The following table shows the average catch per visit to Loch Earn over the past ten years.

 This is information supplied by Associate Member Season Ticket holders and includes all fish caught.

 The table alongside gives the % of returns we receive back from our Associate Member Season Ticket holders.



Average Number of Fish per Visit

Percentage of Catch Returns



































Catch Returns Fishing Season 2015

As Season Ticket holders you averaged just over 15 days fishing this season which means you have saved an average of £23.


Please try to spend a few minutes after each trip and log in what you have taken and also returned.

The format of the return form now allows you to enter the number and weight of each species of fish killed and also to enter the number, species and approximate weight of fish returned, as well as what they were taken on.  This will give us more meaningful data as quite a number of anglers return all their fish, whilst others keep one or two and return the remainder and some will take their limit and return none.

The information you supply is important, so please as many returns back before 31st October 2016 and you will be entered into our prize draw.


Catch returns this year were up slightly at 6.4% compared to 3.6% in 2014. We still need more.  

Please remember when sending in your returns to include your name and address on the form, just in case you are a winner!!

10yr old Glenturret Malt Whisky

Speaking of winners, this years recipient of the 10yr old Glenturret Malt Whisky goes to Peter Nicholls from Edinburgh.  He was first out of the hat for this years prize draw. Congratulations Peter.


This year’s information represented 138 days fishing effort where a total of 717 fish were landed giving an average catch per visit of 5.2 fish compared to 4.3 fish in 2014, 6.5 fish in 2013, 4.5 fish in 2012, 6.8 fish in 2011, 11.2 fish for 2010, 9.0 fish for 2009, 7.5 fish for 2008, 8.5 fish in 2007 and 5.7 fish for 2006.

By species, 695 brown trout, 21 rainbow trout and 1 charr made up the total numbers taken.

The total weight caught was 1024lbs giving an average of 1lb  7oz.

Breaking these numbers down further:

236 brownies were killed for a total weight of 378 lbs 12ozs (ave wt 1lbs 9½ozs) and 459 were returned for a total weight of 550lbs 12ozs (ave wt 1lb 3ozs)

20 rainbow trout were killed for a total weight of 82lbs (ave wt  4lbs 1½ozs)

1 rainbow trout was returned for a total weight of 12lbs (ave wt 12lb)

1 charr was returned for a total weight of 0.5lb ( ave wt. 8ozs )

No eels were registered this season.


Total fish killed 256 (36% of total) and fish returned 461 (64% of total) which is in line with last years figures.

Another interesting statistic for this past season is the percentage catch per species with brown trout 97%, rainbow trout 2.9% and charr 0.1%.

A significant decrease in the number of rainbow trout in the water in 2015 would indicate that there had been a further improvement in the containment at the fish farm this year although the fish which had escaped were of a significantly higher average weight.

For the avoidance of any doubt Loch Earn Fishings only stocks Loch Earn with triploid Brown Trout.


Anglers should be aware that it is a criminal offence to intentionally fish for eels.anguilla-anguilla

The Freshwater Fish Conservation (Prohibition on Fishing for Eels)(Scotland) Regulations 2008 makes it an offence to fish for or take eels of the species Anguilla Anguilla (any method at any time) except under the authority of a licence granted by Scottish Ministers.

Q. What if I accidently catch an eel whilst fishing?

A. Anglers will not be prosecuted under the Scottish conservation regulation if they catch an eel inadvertently while fishing for other species.

Q. What should I do with an eel if I do catch one?

A. If you accidently catch an eel you should try to release it without removing it from the water, or, failing that to return it to the water as soon as possible. It is important to release the eel immediately to reduce the chance of entanglement with the line.

Q. How should I handle an eel?

A. Eels are difficult to handle but are very robust and can normally be held firmly without damage. Use a wet glove, or wet landing net (or similar) to improve grip. Avoid using any dry material to improve grip as this will strip mucus from the eel and expose it to subsequent infection. If the hook can be readily removed from the eel this should be done at once. However, eels frequently swallow hooks and in these cases there is no option but to cut the line, as short as possible, before release.




Just a reminder that the photograph below is a picture of the UK’s rarest fish the vendace.


Two of these fish have been caught (to the best of our knowledge) in the last eleven years.  It is possible that a small population exists in Loch Earn. If you catch a vendace handle with care and always with wet hands as with any fish you are going to return.


Try and get a quick photo with your phone camera and let us know about it.


(**A full report about how these fish came to be in Loch Earn is in the 2014 Newsletter on our website)


Season 2015 has seen a good number of heavy brown trout killed with at least twenty averaging in excess of 14lbs with some as heavy as 24lbs.   We would like to appeal to those fishers who have caught some of these trophy fish to show a little restraint and if at all possible on a voluntary basis to return all fish in excess of 7lbs in weight as removing large trout in these sorts of numbers is not sustainable in the longer term.

Loch Earn Fishings has been stocking Loch Earn with brown trout since 1991 the year after the Protection Order was introduced and we should really have had a British Record Brown Trout by now but if we continue to keep taking these fish it will never happen.  Please remember year on year the number of people fishing continues to decline and the greatest decline is in the number of youngsters taking up the sport.  We have a finite resource - please look after it.


In Season 2016 we are reducing the catch limit to FOUR fish.



Catch and release

Wild trout are a precious resource and filling the freezer with them is not sustainable! Wild

trout that are caught and released carefully will live to breed and be caught again. Catch-

and-release can make a huge difference to the quality of fishing on a wild fishery.  

How to release trout

Use tackle that is an appropriate strength for the size of fish you expect to catch, as this

avoids you having to play fish for a long time before landing. Long fights in warm weather

are especially damaging.

Use barbless hooks and have pliers to hand in case of difficulty. If the fish is deeply hooked,

cut the line as the hook will work its way out and this is less damaging than a prolonged

wrestling match.

Always use wet hands to handle fish, and handle as little as possible. Avoid squeezing it.

Try to release in the water and avoid landing on the bank or on gravel as this removes the

surface slime and leaves the trout vulnerable to fungal infections. Photograph your fish

close to the water, holding it out of the water as briefly as possible.  

Measure it rather than weigh it.

Release the fish by pointing its nose into the current so that water is flowing over its gills.

If necessary, move gently back and forth until it swims away (below).


The Heaviest Rainbow Trout of the 2015 Fishing Season

Keith Edwards from Renfrew who

was out fishing in his own boat

with a superb 22½lbs Rainbow

trout taken on a trolled

Countdown Rapala just off the

Fish Farm Exclusion Zone Fence

on the 4th April 2015. 



This  magnificent brown weighing in at 24 lbs is the heaviest fish of the year for Loch Earn 2015.   It was taken by Associate Membership Season Ticket holder Dougie Lawrie from Motherwell fishing Ardveich Bay in his own boat "Dreamcatcher" on the 3rd October 2015.  The huge fish was taken on a ledgered worm in about thirty five feet of water.  Numerous attempts were made to revive and release the fish but sadly these were unsuccessful.


Heaviest Charr of the 2015 Fishing Season?




This fine charr on the 1lb mark was taken by George Clark from Renfrew fishing with the

Clyde Valley Angling Club out in a Drummond Estate Boat on the 5th September 2015.

The fish fell to a trolled rainbow trout Countdown Rapala as the boat made its way through

Ardveich Bay.


These fish and other catches are available to view on our website


If you do catch a decent fish or a nice basket of fish or something unusual let us know and

we will put your pictures into the gallery on our website along with details of weights,

numbers, how you caught your fish and where about. Send your pictures as a jpeg

attachment and details of your catch to



Angling Clubs also had their fair share of success.


19th May   West of Scotland AC  28 browns (10 returned, 18 killed) - 8lbs 12ozs     5 Boats


13th June  Laurencekirk & District AC    77 browns (all returned heaviest 8lbs)       4 Boats


30th June  SPRA (West)        99 browns (37 returned, 62 killed) -   85lbs 7ozs       8 Boats


29th July    Lochinch AC     71 browns (61 returned, 10 killed) -   14lbs 2ozs           3 Boats


15th Aug    St. Mungo AC   37 browns (13returned, 24 killed)    -   25lbs 13ozs       7 Boats


312 Browns caught by 54 rods = average of 5.8 fish per rod. Fish killed 114 for

134lbs 2ozs = average weight 1lb 3ozs


A number of clubs had to have their outings cancelled this year due to unseasonably windy

conditions in June & July.

Other News :


As many of you will know we have had issues with our slipway from time to time and

especially in very low water conditions.  In order to remedy the situation a substantial

investment is taking place over the close season when our existing slipway is to be

removed and a new one put in its place. 

A team of engineers will oversee this operation and a heavy duty crane will be brought in

to lift the precast sections (each weighing 15 tonnes) into position.   The new slipway will

be longer (24m), wider (5m) and at a much steeper angle than the present one. 


The new slip will also be fitted with guides to let the drivers know where


the edge and the end of the slipway are.

 Drummond Caravan Park :



During late spring /early summer we will be extending our caravan pitches from the present five to ten.

Glenbeich Estate

Glenbeich Estate has recently been sold and the new owners do not wish their loch frontage included in the area covered by the Loch Earn Fishings Permit.  As a result the shoreline from the mouth of the Beich Burn (known as McGregor’s Point) westwards along the A85 to Lechine Cottage (approx. ¾ mile) will no longer be included. 

Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park (By Laws)

As yet there has been no response to introduce By Laws in 2016 from the Scottish Ministers.

I make no apology for showing you the following photographs. Despite pleas in last year’s newsletter about improving behaviour on the shores of Loch Earn these are scenes we have had to deal with during the 2015 season (Albeit mostly from people who were just camping).

This only gives more ammunition to those who want to introduce by laws so if you cannot camp responsibly don’t bother coming and let those that do enjoy this wonderful landscape.

If you are not prepared to pack a wet tent into your car after camping, then stay at home.

If midges bother you and prevent you from dismantling your tent and taking it away, then stay at home.

If you want to drink alcohol to excess and play loud music preventing others enjoying an outdoor experience, then stay at home.

Fishing Wardens, Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park Rangers and Police Scotland (Operation Ironworks) patrol the loch shores during the main season so if your behaviour gives cause for concern then we will know where you are, the vehicles you have travelled in and maybe photographic evidence of what you have been up to.

There is now a dedicated unmarked police vehicle with all round video surveillance cameras in operation. You have been warned. If you see something that’s going on that shouldn’t be going on phone Police Scotland on 101 and mention Operation Ironworks for a quicker response.









This shocking scene took four man hours to clear up and produced almost ½ tonne of rubbish.  15 heavy duty bin bags.  Four tents (including three six man tents), sleeping bags, air beds, pots/pans, clothes, water containers and numerous bottles and cans. 

Drummond Estate Boat Hire