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Looking Back on the 2007 Fishing Season


Ten thousand brown trout were stocked in the 2007 fishing season averaging between 1-2lbs and almost seven tonnes in total weight.

From the information returned by associate member season ticket holders there has been a further improvement of catches over the previous five years with the average rod taking 8.5 fish per visit compared to 5.7 fish in 2006, 4.8 fish in 2005, 3.19 fish in 2004 and 2.99 fish in 2003 and 2.4 fish in 2002.

Stocking South Loch Earn March 2007

Catch Returns Fishing Season 2007

Catch return numbers improved slightly this year to 6.67%, compared to 3.88% in 2006, 4.9% in 2005, 8.4% in 2004, 9.3% in 2003 and 11% in 2002.

As season ticket holders you averaged just under twenty two days fishing during season 2007 saving yourselves £74.

This years information represented 196 days fishing effort where a total of 1671 fish were landed giving an average catch per visit of 8.53 fish compared to 5.7 fish for 2006, 4.8fish for 2005, 3.19 fish for 2004, 2.99 fish in 2003 and 2.4 fish for 2002.

By species, 810 brown trout, 859 rainbow trout and 2 char made up the total numbers taken.The total weight caught was 1604 lbs giving an average of 15½ozs.Breaking the data down further 196 brown trout for 348lbs 13ozs (average 1b 12½ozs ), 140 rainbow trout for 204lbs (average 1lb 7ozs ) and 2 char for 2lbs 4ozs ( average 1lb 2ozs ) were killed. This accounted for 20% of the numbers, 80% of the catch being returned to fight another day.614 browns for 659lbs 5ozs ( average 1lb 1 ozs ) and 719 rainbows for 389lbs 3ozs ( average 8¾ozs ).

Raymond Baynes steadies the discharge pipeThe best overall bag for the season was once again taken by Chris Collins of Crieff who had a total of 646 fish for a total weight of 577lbs 12ozs ( average weight 14¼ ozs ). This represents nearly 20 fish per visit. Of this catch of fish , ( 342 rainbow trout and 304 brown trout ) all were returned.His best day was the 28th April when he caught 50 brown trout for 85lbs ( ave weight 1lb 11ozs ) and 3 rainbow for 2¼lbs. Best fish was a 5¼lbs brown taken on 16th June on a Kate McLaren.This bag of fish was taken entirely on lures and fly.

Another bag worth a mention was taken by Alan Campbell of Kirkcaldy. Out in his own boat he had a total of 239 fish (145 brown trout and 94 rainbow trout ) for a total weight of 230lbs 10ozs (average weight 15½ozs ) on 30 outings. This represents 8.0 fish per visit.Alan returned 83% of his bag, with 105 browns and 93 rainbows going back.

Heaviest rainbow reported was a 5lbs 10ozs specimen taken by Davie Paterson from Camelon on the23rd September, fishing from a Drummond Estate Boat in Ardveich Bay. The fish took a ledgered worm in fairly shallow water.

The best char reported was a fish of 3lbs 8ozs taken on maggot fished from the boat in 40feet of water off the fish farm cages on the 4th April by John Robertson from Ballingry.

Not so many years ago this would have qualified for a British record, however these days it would have to be over 9½lbs.

3½lbs Char taken by John Robertson from Ballingry 4th April 2007

Heaviest brown trout reported in season 2007 was a 5lbs 12ozs fish taken by Andrew Christie from Gargunnock out in his own boat on the 21st April. The huge trout taken close to the trout farm took a ledgered maggot on a 3lbs leader and took about 15 minutes to land. These fish and other catches are available to view in the gallery section of our website

We are aware from confirmed reports that at least two trout, one brownie and one rainbow both in excess of 10lbs were taken in the St. Fillans area of the loch in 2007.

If you do catch a decent fish or a nice basket of fish or something unusual let us know and we’ll put your pictures into the gallery on our website along with details of weights, numbers, how you caught your fish and where about.

Angling Clubs also had their share of success throughout the season

  • 21st April – St. Mungo AC ( 7 Boats ) – 7 fish for 8lbs 10ozs
  • 4th May - Central Scotland Police ( 5 Boats ) – 28 browns / 11 rainbows for 60lbs 10ozs
  • 5th May – Laurencekirk & District Angling Association (4 boats) – 10 browns / 12 rainbows for 22lbs 4ozs
  • 27th May – Invergowrie AC ( 5 boats ) – 26 browns / 7 rainbows for 27lbs 12ozs
  • 21st June – Strathclyde Police ( 7 boats ) – 38 fish for 38lbs 12 ozs
  • 23rd June – St. Mungo AC ( 7 boats ) – 15 fish for 16lbs 12 ozs
  • 24th Sept – St. Mungo AC ( 6 boats ) – 6 browns / 6 rainbows – 10lbs 7ozs

166 fish for 185lbs 3ozs total weight – average 1.12 lbs

Drummond Estate Boat Hire

As part of our ongoing improvements a new toilet and showering facility was opened in July.

The boat hire cabin now stocks a range of fishing tackle including rods for sale/ hire, bait and daily/weekly fishing permits. There is also a hot drinks machine. Seasoned firewood logs and coal are available to buy for those colder days/evenings or when the midges are on the go!!

The slipway built in 2004 has proved very popular with boat owners and provides a sheltered launching facility for both pleasure and fishing vessels.

Slipway charges are listed in our Facilities section.