Fish Of A Lifetime For Graeme

Associate Member Season Ticket Holder Graeme Brown from Inverkeithing on the 10th September 2019 at the Fish Farm Exclusion Zone Fence. Graeme had already caught half a dozen brownies around the 1to 1┬Żlbs mark when the huge fish took his two maggot offering on a size 16 hook. Not wanting to risk injury to the fish by hauling it on to the shore he waded waist deep into the water to release the fish which was hooked in the scissors. Now that's dedication for you!! After a couple of minutes supporting it the fish swam happily on its way. Fortunately there was another couple of fishers in the vicinity at the time and were able to record the event for Graeme. Although not weighed the fish was 90cms in length and would have probably weighed around the 18lbs mark.

Fish of a lifetime for Graeme