Fishing Season Report 2008 Jan 13, 2009

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Ten thousand brown trout were stocked in the 2008 fishing season averaging between 1-2lbs and almost seven tonnes in total weight.

From the information returned by associate member season ticket holders there was a slight drop in catches during 2008, but still a very respectable 7.5 fish per visit. For comparison the previous six years averages are as follows :- 8.5 fish per visit in 2007, 5.7 fish in 2006, 4.8 fish in 2005, 3.2 fish in 2004 and 3.0 fish in 2003 and 2.4 fish in 2002.

Catch Returns

Year Average catch % returned
2018 2.9 2.7%
2017 6.1 4.5%
2016 5.1 2.5%
2015 5.2 6.4%
2014 4.3 3.6%
2013 6.5 4.4%
2012 4.5 5.6%
2011 6.8 7.2%
2010 11.2 0.6%
2009 9.0 3.7%
2008 7.5 6.4%
2007 8.5 6.7%
2006 5.7 3.9%
2005 4.8 4.9%
2004 3.2 8.4%
2003 3.0 9.3%
2002 2.4 11%

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to send in their catch returns on time. This years recipient of 10yr old Glenturret whisky goes to Archie McKinnon of Stirling. Congratulations!!

Please remember when sending in your returns to include your name and address on the form, just in case you are a winner!!

Catch return numbers were about the same as last year at 6.4%, compared to 6.7% in 2007 ,3.9% in 2006, 4.9% in 2005, 8.4% in 2004, 9.3% in 2003 and 11% in 2002.

As season ticket holders you averaged just over sixteen days fishing during season 2008 saving yourselves £29. Please try to spend a few minutes after each trip and log in what you have taken and also returned.

We have changed the format of the return form which allows you to enter the number and weight of each species of fish killed and also to enter the number, species and approximate weight of fish returned, as well as what they were taken on.

This will give us more meaningful data as quite a number of anglers return all their fish, whilst others keep one or two and return the remainder and some will take their limit and return none.

The information you supply is important, so please have your returns back before 31st October 2009 and you will be entered into our prize draw.

This years information represented 145 days fishing effort where a total of 1084 fish were landed giving an average catch per visit of 7.50 fish compared to 8.5 fish in 2007, 5.7 fish for 2006, 4.8 fish for 2005, 3.19 fish for 2004, 2.99 fish in 2003 and 2.4 fish for 2002.

By species, 444 brown trout, 639 rainbow trout and 1 char made up the total numbers taken.

The total weight caught was 1168 lbs giving an average of 1lb 1¼ozs.

Breaking the data down further 155 brown trout for 265lbs 10ozs (average 1b 11½ozs), 237 rainbow trout for 337lbs 1oz (average 1lb 6¾ozs) and 1 char for 12ozs (average 12ozs) were killed.

This accounted for 36% of the numbers, 64% of the catch being returned to fight another day.

289 browns for 240lbs 12ozs (average 13½ ozs) and 402 rainbows for 323lbs 8ozs (average 13ozs).

The best reported overall bag for the season was taken by David Watterson of Airdrie who had a total of 242 fish for a total weight of 270lbs 8ozs (average weight 1lb 2ozs). This represents just over 17 fish per visit. Of this catch of fish , (230 rainbow trout and 12 brown trout) 180 rainbows and 5 brownies were returned. That represents 76% of his catch. A lot of David's fishing is in the area around the fish farm in his boat the "Heatherbell" hence the predominance of rainbow trout in his basket

Most of these fish were taken on bait but some were trolling.

Another bag worth a mention was taken by Alan Campbell of Kirkcaldy. Out flyfishing in his own boat he had a total of 161 fish (128 brown trout and 33 rainbow trout) for a total weight of 182lbs 12ozs (average weight 1lb 2¼ozs) on 22 outings. This represents 7.3 fish per visit.

Alan returned 89% of his bag, with 114 browns and 29 rainbows going back.

Some of Alan's taking flies included the Soldier Palmer, Kate McLaren, Bibio, Wickham's Fancy, Claret Bumble and Green Peter.

Note when fishing away from the fish farm area the catch is predominately brownies.

Heaviest rainbow reported in season 2008 was a 10lbs 8ozs specimen taken by Raymond Davis from Kincardine on the 12th August, fishing from his fathers's boat in Ardveich Bay. The fish took a ledgered worm in about thirty feet of water.

There were no reports of any exceptional char this season, although a good number of these fish (mainly 6 - 8ozs) were taken by flyfishers on the North Shore.

Heaviest brown trout reported in season 2008 was a 16lbs cock fish taken by Adam Smith from Bridge of Weir out in his own boat at the beginning of June. The huge trout took a rapala fished on a downrigger about fifty feet down as he crossed the loch in a line between Castraan Croft on the south shore and the fish farm on the north shore. The fish was photographed and returned safely to the water.

These fish and other catches are available to view in the gallery section.

If you do catch a decent fish or a nice basket of fish or something unusual let us know and we'll put your pictures into the gallery on our website along with details of weights, numbers, how you caught your fish and where about.

Angling Clubs

Date Club Boats Count Weight
19th April St. Mungo AC 9 Competition abandoned (gale force easterly winds)
3rd May Kelvinside Academical 4 16 browns / 1 rainbow 15lbs 12ozs
6th May Central Scotland Police 6 6 browns 6lbs 13ozs
10th May Laurencekirk & District Angling Association 4 8 browns / 3 rainbowtrout 8lbs 14ozs
22nd May Lochinch AC 4 16 fish 16lbs
25th May Invergowrie AC 4 11 browns / 15 rainbows 17lbs
21st June St. Mungo AC 6 14 browns / 34 rainbows 35lbs 1oz
24th June Strathclyde Police 8 49 browns / 11 rainbows (+113 fish returned) 66lbs 8ozs
16th August Rainbow Warriors AC 5 23 browns / 5 rainbows(+7 browns/4 rainbow returned) 28lbs 6ozs
29th Sept St. Mungo AC 6 6 6lbs 10ozs

218 fish for 201 lbs total weight - average 0.922lbs (14¾ozs)

Other News

Drummond Estates will start a replacement programme of its fleet of hire boats and engines this year. During 2009 three ex hire boats and three 4hp four stroke longshaft engines will become available for sale. Please note these boats will not be supplied with a trailer. If you wish to register an interest please telephone 01567 830400.

Daily / Weekly Permits are now available from the Village Shop, Post Office & Drummond Estate Boat Hire in Lochearnhead and Village Store, & South Loch Earn Caravan Park in St. Fillans.

The restocking programme will start again at the beginning of March and the first two stockings will see about 4000 browns at about 1¼lbs put into Loch Earn.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and successful season in 2009


Competition Winner

This years recipient of the 10 year old Glenturret Whisky goes to Archie McKinnon of Stirling. Congratulations, Archie!

Heaviest Catches of the Season

These fish and other catches are available to view in the Gallery. If you do catch a decent fish or a nice basket of fish or something unusual let us know and we will put your pictures into the gallery on our website along with details of weights, numbers, how you caught your fish and where about.