Fishing Season Report 2011 Dec 19, 2011

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Ten thousand brown trout were stocked in the 2011 fishing season averaging between 14ozs and 28ozs almost 6½ tonnes in total weight. Stockings took place on 9th March, 16th March, 27th April, 15th June and the 27th July.

The average weight stocked in 2011 was a very respectable 1lb 6½ ozs. The normal average would be in the region of 1lb 0ozs.

Brown Trout stocking

Brown Trout stocking

Our caravan pitches

Our caravan pitches

Neish Island, Loch Earn (East)

Neish Island, Loch Earn (East)

Catch Returns

Year Average catch % returned
2018 2.9 2.7%
2017 6.1 4.5%
2016 5.1 2.5%
2015 5.2 6.4%
2014 4.3 3.6%
2013 6.5 4.4%
2012 4.5 5.6%
2011 6.8 7.2%
2010 11.2 0.6%
2009 9.0 3.7%
2008 7.5 6.4%
2007 8.5 6.7%
2006 5.7 3.9%
2005 4.8 4.9%
2004 3.2 8.4%
2003 3.0 9.3%
2002 2.4 11%

Catch returns this year showed a significant improvement at 7.2%, in fact the best for seven years. We still need more.

Please remember when sending in your returns to include your name and address on the form, just in case you are a winner!

As Season Ticket holders you averaged just over 25 days fishing this season which means you have saved a whopping £115 or put another way the equivalent of another season ticket.

This represents fantastic value in these difficult times.

Please try to spend a few minutes after each trip and log in what you have taken and also returned.

The format of the return form now allows you to enter the number and weight of each species of fish killed and also to enter the number, species and approximate weight of fish returned, as well as what they were taken on.This will give us more meaningful data as quite a number of anglers return all their fish, whilst others keep one or two and return the remainder and some will take their limit and return none.

The information you supply is important, so please as many returns back before 31st October 2012 and you will be entered into our prize draw.

This years information represented 282 days fishing effort where a total of 1907 fish were landed giving an average catch per visit of 6.8 fish compared to 11.2 fish in 2010, 9.04 fish in 2009, 7.5 fish in 2008, 8.5 fish in 2007, 5.7 fish for 2006, 4.8fish for 2005, 3.19 fish for 2004, 2.99 fish in 2003 and 2.4 fish for 2002.

By species, 1046 brown trout and 849 rainbow trout and 12 char made up the total numbers taken.

The total weight caught was 1975 lbs 10ozs giving an average of 1lb 0½oz.

Breaking these numbers down further:

  • 347 brownies were killed for a total weight of 502lbs 11ozs (ave wt 1lb 7ozs)
  • 699 brownies were returned for a total weight of 751lbs 13ozs (ave wt 1lb 1¼ozs)
  • 266 rainbow trout were killed for a total weight of 315lbs 4ozs (ave wt 1lb 3ozs)
  • 583 rainbow trout were returned for a total weight of 398lbs 5ozs (ave wt 11ozs)
  • 3 char were killed for a total weight of 1lb 8ozs (ave wt 8ozs)
  • 9 char were returned for a total weight of 6lbs 1oz (ave 10¾ ozs)

This would suggest that in excess of two thirds of the fish caught on Loch Earn are being returned which surely bodes well for fishing in future years.

Other News

Drummond Estates will be purchasing three new boats and outboard engines in 2012 as part of the continuing replacement programme of its fleet of hire boats and engines.

During 2012 two ex hire boats will become available for sale.Please note these boats will not be supplied with a trailer. If you wish to register an interest please telephone 01567 830400

The restocking programme will start again at the beginning of March and the first two stockings will see about 4,000 browns at about 1¼ lbs put into Loch Earn.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and successful season in 2012.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Murray For Loch Earn Fishings.


Competition Winner

This years recipient of the 10yr old Glenturret Malt Whisky goes to Matthew Devlin of Dunfermline. He was first out of the hat for this years prize draw. Congratulations, Matt!

Heaviest Catches of the Season


Heaviest Rainbow Trout

The heaviest rainbow reported was a 8lbs 6ozs specimen taken by William Beckinsdale from Balquidder out in his own boat the Friday Flier 11 in Ardveich Bay on the 22nd August and was taken on an orange countdown rapala near to the main fish cage block.

View in Gallery

Heaviest Brown Trout

The heaviest brown trout reported was a 4lbs 12ozs fish taken by William Beckinsdale from Balquidder out in his own boat the Friday Flier 11 on the 29th July. This fish was taken on ledgered maggot in about forty five feet of water.

View in Gallery

These fish and other catches are available to view in the Gallery. If you do catch a decent fish or a nice basket of fish or something unusual let us know and we will put your pictures into the gallery on our website along with details of weights, numbers, how you caught your fish and where about.