Fishing Season Report 2009 Dec 10, 2009

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Ten thousand brown trout were stocked in the 2009 fishing season averaging between 1-2lbs and almost seven tonnes in total weight.

From the information returned by associate member season ticket holders a new record was achieved during 2009 with an average of 9.0 fish per visit. For comparison the previous seven years averages are as follows :- 7.5 fish per visit in 2008, 8.5 fish per visit in 2007, 5.7 fish in 2006, 4.8 fish in 2005, 3.2 fish in 2004 and 3.0 fish in 2003 and 2.4 fish in 2002.

Catch Returns

Year Average catch % returned
2018 2.9 2.7%
2017 6.1 4.5%
2016 5.1 2.5%
2015 5.2 6.4%
2014 4.3 3.6%
2013 6.5 4.4%
2012 4.5 5.6%
2011 6.8 7.2%
2010 11.2 0.6%
2009 9.0 3.7%
2008 7.5 6.4%
2007 8.5 6.7%
2006 5.7 3.9%
2005 4.8 4.9%
2004 3.2 8.4%
2003 3.0 9.3%
2002 2.4 11%

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to send in their catch returns on time despite all the industrial action with the Royal Mail.

Catch return numbers this season were the lowest ever recorded at a very disappointing 3.7%, compared to 6.4% in 2008, 6.7% in 2007,3.9% in 2006, 4.9% in 2005, 8.4% in 2004, 9.3% in 2003 and 11% in 2002. As season ticket holders you averaged just over 12 days fishing during season 2009. This was down on the previous season by four days but very wet weather July / August did not help matters. Please try to spend a few minutes after each trip and log in what you have taken and also returned.

The format of the return form now allows you to enter the number and weight of each species of fish killed and also to enter the number, species and approximate weight of fish returned, as well as what they were taken on. This will give us more meaningful data as quite a number of anglers return all their fish, whilst others keep one or two and return the remainder and some will take their limit and return none.

This years information represented 85 days fishing effort where a total of 768 fish were landed giving an average catch per visit of 9.04 fish compared to 7.5 fish in 2008, 8.5 fish in 2007, 5.7 fish for 2006, 4.8fish for 2005, 3.19 fish for 2004, 2.99 fish in 2003 and 2.4 fish for 2002.

By species, 565 brown trout, 172 rainbow trout and 31 char made up the total numbers taken.

The total weight caught was 873 lbs 12ozs giving an average of 1lb 2¼ozs. Breaking the data down further 98 brown trout for 141lbs 14ozs (average 1b 7¼ozs), 30 rainbow trout for 30lbs (average 1lb) and 3 char for 2lbs 14ozs (average 15¼ozs) were killed. This accounted for 17% of the numbers, 83% of the catch being returned to fight another day. 467 browns for 604lbs 12ozs (average 1lb 4¾ ozs), 142 rainbows for 88lbs 12ozs (average 10ozs) and 28 char for 5lbs 8ozs (average 3¼ozs).

The best reported overall bag for the season was taken by Chris Collins from Crieff who had a total of 390 fish for a total weight of 584lbs (average weight 1lb 8ozs). This represents just over 16 fish per visit. All 390 fish (336 brown trout and 54 rainbow trout)were returned. The entire catch was taken on fly and lures. His best day was the 5th April with 72 browns and 1 rainbow returned. The heaviest fish was a 3lbs brownie was taken on the 17th May along with another 32 brownies and a rainbow.

Angling Clubs

Date Club Boats Count Weight
2nd May Kelvinside Academical AC 3 30 browns 50lbs 8ozs
7th May Loch Inch AC 4 39 browns 63lbs 10ozs
9th May Laurencekirk & District Angling Association 4 10 browns / 5 rainbows 16lbs 14ozs
23rd May St. Mungo AC 2 5 fish 5lbs 9ozs
24th May Invergowrie AC 3 2 browns / 3 rainbows 3lbs 14ozs
11th June Strathclyde Police AC 8 37 browns / 36 rainbows(returned 20 browns / 26 rainbows) 91lbs 7oz
20th June St. Mungo AC 6 34 browns 33lbs 11ozs
20th June Phoenix AC 5 20 browns / 6 rainbows 24lbs 6ozs
5th September St. Mungo AC 6 3 browns 2lbs 15ozs
23rd Sept Central Scotland Police AC 6 No return was received.

230 fish for 292 lbs 14ozs total weight average 1.25lbs (1lb 4ozs)

Other News

5th June to the 12th June 2009 brought the FIPS Mouche World Flyfishing Championships to Scotland for the first time in its history. The actual event venues took place on the Lake of Menteith, Loch Leven, Loch Awe, Carron Valley Reservoir and the River Tay.

The participants in the competition were not allowed to fish any of these locations for a minimum time of 60 days prior to the main event. Loch Earn was chosen as one of the official practice venues on the 6th June.

In the morning session there were 41 rods representing Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Norway and Finland. In the afternoon session there were 39 rods representing Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Malta, Wales, Croatia, Holland, Slovakia, Sweden, Australia and Belgium.

Many of these international anglers were extremely complimentary on the quality of the fishing on Loch Earn with some boats taking up to fifteen trout in a three hour session. In the main team event the winners were England with France in second place and Scotland a very respectable third. In the best individual rods the gold medal winner was Ian Barr (England), the silver medal winner was Donald Thom (Canada) and the bronze medal winner was Christian Jadoyille (Belgium).

All the results are available to view on the World Fly-Fishing Championships 2009 website.

The restocking programme will start again at the beginning of March and the first two stockings will see about 4000 browns at about 1¼lbs put into Loch Earn.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and successful season in 2010


Competition Winner

This years recipient of 10yr old Glenturret whisky is Stuart McInnes of Lasswade. Congratulations!!

Heaviest Catches of the Season


Heaviest rainbow trout

The heaviest rainbow reported in season 2009 was a 4lbs 6ozs specimen taken by Keith Reid from Muthill on the 15th March, fishing from a Drummond Estate boat in Ardveich Bay.

The fish took ledgered maggots in about thirty five feet of water about a hundred yards off the boat hire jetty.

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Heaviest char

The heaviest char reported this season was a fish of 2¾lbs taken by Jim Dixon from Tranent on the 20th April fishing from a private boat in Ardveich Bay.

Again this fish was taken on ledgered maggots in about thirty five feet of water.

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Kyle Ireland 20lbs 4ozs.JPG

Heaviest brown trout

The heaviest brown trout was a 20¼lbs fish taken by Kyle Ireland from Dunfermline in his grandfather's boat on the 16th April. The huge trout took a 10cms green/orange tiger rapala as the boat passed the mouth of the Kendrum Burn heading towards St. Fillans.

Scale analysis at the Freshwater Fish Laboratory in Pitlochry established that the huge brownie was the same age as its captor: 14 years!

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These fish and other catches are available to view in the Gallery. If you do catch a decent fish or a nice basket of fish or something unusual let us know and we will put your pictures into the gallery on our website along with details of weights, numbers, how you caught your fish and where about.